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I have been working with a very version of  Emacs that does not have any modern fontconfig support. The fonts are all legacy bitmapped xfonts that are described using X Logical Font Description specification.


My main font has always been 7x13 aka  -Misc-Fixed-Medium-R-Normal--13-120-75-75-C-70-ISO8859-1 found in 7x13-ISO8859-1.pcf.gz


I am now needing to work with a version Emacs that supports only fonts via the fontconfig library.


On ubuntu I have removed 10-scale-bitmap-fonts.conf and 70-no-bitmaps.conf and run fc-cache -f


When I run fc-match I see that the font that I want is listed as the default fixed font as far as fontconfig is concerned.


My issue is that I cannot seem to get Emacs to use this font. I can not choose Fixed from the font menu or use the -font command line option to get a fixed font that looks anything like the old font that I am used to.


I have two questions that I am hoping to get some help on


  1. How do I get Emacs to use this specific fixed font and not mess with it in terms of hinting or scaling.
  2. How can I enable a small set of the bitmapped fonts and not all of them using the fontconfig XML config. Could I just enable this single bit mapped font?


All and any help is greatly appreciated


$ fc-match fixed

7x13-ISO8859-1.pcf.gz: "Fixed" "Regular"


$ fc-match fixed -v

Pattern has 33 elts (size 48)

        family: "Fixed"(s)

        style: "Regular"(w)

        slant: 0(i)(s)

        weight: 80(i)(s)

        width: 100(i)(s)

        size: 12(f)(s)

        pixelsize: 13(f)(s)

        spacing: 110(i)(w)

        foundry: "Misc"(w)

        antialias: True(w)

        hintstyle: 1(i)(w)

        hinting: True(w)

        verticallayout: False(s)

        autohint: False(s)

        globaladvance: True(s)

        file: "/usr/share/fonts/X11/misc/7x13-ISO8859-1.pcf.gz"(w)

        index: 0(i)(w)

        outline: False(w)

        scalable: False(w)

        dpi: 75(f)(s)

        scale: 1(f)(s)


        0000: ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff 7fffffff 00000000 ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff


        lang: aa|ay|bi|br|ch|da|de|en|es|eu|fj|fo|fur|fy|gd|gl|gv|ho|ia|id|ie|io|is|it|lb|mg|nb|nds|nl|nn|no|nr|oc|om|pt|rm|sma|smj|so|sq|ss|st|sv|sw|tl|ts|uz|vo|wa|xh|yap|zu|an|fil|ht|jv|kj|kwm|li|ms|ng|pap-an|pap-aw|rn|rw|sc|sg|sn|su|za(s)

        fontversion: 0(i)(s)

        fontformat: "PCF"(w)

        embeddedbitmap: True(s)

        decorative: False(s)

        lcdfilter: 1(i)(w)

        namelang: "en"(s)

        prgname: "fc-match"(s)

        postscriptname: "Fixed"(w)

        color: False(w)

        symbol: False(s)


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