Re: [PATCH] Make the cache filenames determinstic

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Behdad Esfahbod <behdad@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I don't like the new mechanism either, but I think it was added to resolve
> bind-mounted font dirs, which are not covered by your two cases above.
> IIUC any flatpak app binds the fonts dir in a new unique directory.  Would
> be desirable to reuse the system caches.

Agreed. I'd like to suggest that the flatpak environment should be
taught how to map font directory names that it sees to cache file names
generated externally; then the existing md5(pathname) approach to cache
file generation will 'just work'

Presumably each flatpak has to get a custom font configuration to point
it back at the external fonts; having that include a mapping to the
external names seems like a pretty simple change to me.


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