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I am building fontconfig-2.12.93 using self compiled freetype-2.9. I want to ignore system freetype.
As a test I used the system freetype and it reports a too old version at configure.

What freetype version is acceptable for fontconfig-2.12.93?
Is there a way to sandbox fontconfig dependencies to use local versions?

My present configure:
            CFLAGS="$opts" \
                FREETYPE_CFLAGS="$stage/packages/include/freetype2/freetype/" \
                CXXFLAGS="$opts" \
                LDFLAGS="$opts -L$stage/packages/lib/release/" \
FREETYPE_LIBS="$stage/lib/release/" \
                ./configure \
                --enable-static --enable-shared --disable-docs \
                --with-pic --without-pkgconfigdir --disable-silent-rules \
                --with-expat-includes="$stage"/packages/include/expat/ \
                --with-expat-lib="$stage"/packages/lib/release/ \
                --prefix="$stage" --libdir="$stage"/lib/release/
            make LDFLAGS="$opts -L$stage/packages/lib/release/ -Wl,--exclude-libs,libz:libxml2:libexpat:libfreetype"
            make install LDFLAGS="$opts -L$stage/packages/lib/release/ -Wl,--exclude-libs,libz:libxml2:libexpat:libfreetype”

I looked in configure and did not see
                —with-freetype-includes="$stage"/packages/include/expat/ \
                —with-freetype-lib="$stage"/packages/lib/release/ \
Can those be added and used in configure?

Is there another way to isolate freetype and have it be friendly to fontconfig?

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