2.12.91 fails to build on mingw?

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On 17.12.2017 14:27, sora@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I tried cross compiling fontconfig for windows but it fails with this error:

CC fc-cache.o CCLD fc-cache.exe ../src/.libs/libfontconfig.a(fccfg.o):fccfg.c:(.text+0x5282): undefined reference to `readlink'

readlink() is a POSIX function for reading symbolic links (i.e. obtaining the
filename that a link is linking to). It isn't part of MS CRT, nor does MinGW
provide it (last time i checked), although with improved Vista-and-later
symlink support it is now actually possible to implement this function on

A stop-gap measure that might be adequate in some circumstances is to simply
obtain file information for the file in question (specifically, obtain its
name), relying on the fact that W32 API and/or CRT will resolve the symlink
(which is the documented behaviour in most cases) and give you the name of
the target file, thus acting as a poor man's readlink().

Also, is there a way to avoid using libuuid?

Why? Last time i checked, libuuid was part of the Windows SDK that MinGW
provides. Why would there be need to avoid using it?

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