Issues with git master and my libxft emoji setup

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Hi! With emoji becoming some sort of official fontconfig feature, I
decided it's time to reduce the amount of hacks in my setup. And I was
hoping that updating to the latest fontconfig git master would mean
not requiring the custom configs I wrote. Unfortunately, it made
things worse.

Some context before I go on with the actual issue:

I wrote this libxft patch a couple of years ago, adding colored glyph support:

It didn't get any attention, probably because no one maintains libxft,
and I didn't advertise it much so I'm probably the only user of that
patch. Its biggest problem is those fonts have bitmap glyphs so big
they result in X errors sometimes, and I've been using a manually
scaled version of Noto Color Emoji since then.

The other issue with the patch is that it doesn't do anything to
prefer colored glyphs - I could use some advice there, if there's
something libxft could do (like pango and/or cairo seem to do now).
But I've been doing this:


        <test name="prgname" compare="eq" qual="any">
        <edit mode="prepend" name="family">
            <string>Noto Color Emoji</string>

Not pretty but it gets the job done. It sucks to need the global
rejectfont, since it affects non-libxft applications, but I couldn't
find a better way. I would also appreciate advice here.

Anyway, that works up to fontconfig 2.12.4.

I installed git master, "2.12.4-29-g92da67a", and:

- the rejectfont is no longer needed (neat!)
- the prepend of Noto Color Emoji breaks things

I can see color emoji, but I stop being able to see most other fonts.
Latin/greek/cyrillic/emoji display fine, but CJK, thai, braille are
all gone.

If I remove the prepend, CJK and others appear, and emoji go back to symbola.

I'm not really sure what's going on and I ran out of weekend to play
with this stuff. Any suggestions of stuff to check out are welcome!
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