where does fc-query get its fontversion from?

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A user of the Go Fonts asks me (at

Fontconfig says that the font version is "2.2.12" but the git commit
message says the font version is 2.008. Why the difference?

$ printf "0x%x\n" $(fc-query -f '%{fontversion}' Go-Smallcaps.ttf)

I can see where 2.008 comes from, via ttx:

$ ttx -o /dev/stdout Go-Smallcaps.ttf | grep -C 1 '2\.'
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<ttFont sfntVersion="\x00\x01\x00\x00" ttLibVersion="2.4">

    <tableVersion value="1.0"/>
    <fontRevision value="2.00799560547"/>
    <checkSumAdjustment value="0x84a5c1dc"/>
    <namerecord nameID="5" platformID="1" platEncID="0" langID="0x0">
      Version 2.008; ttfautohint (v1.6)
    <namerecord nameID="5" platformID="3" platEncID="1" langID="0x409">
      Version 2.008; ttfautohint (v1.6)
    <formatType value="2.0"/>
    <italicAngle value="0.0"/>

I have no idea where 2.2.12 is coming from. Do you fontconfig people
have any leads?

The actual .ttf file is at
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