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On Wed, 2016-11-23 at 21:46 -0800, L. A. Walsh wrote:
> Most any X program that has the font name encoded in a config file
> for one,

If you're specifying a font name, then the filepath doesn't matter.

>  and second, most windows programs that rely on the user to pick a 
> font

Selecting a font from a list of thousands of families with some
containing 20-30 variations sounds fun. 

Also, the actual filepath wouldn't or at least shouldn't matter there

> > Workarounds include technology *growing* to handle larger 
> collections and workloads.

Sounds like that's the only solution that would satisfy you, so no
point in even trying to suggest changes that might ease the pain till
that happens. 

I mean, if you just have to have 15,000 duplicates and 20,000+ font
files active at all times then it is what it is.

>     If windows could handle 25K fonts 7 years ago (as some smaller
> n
> umber of grouped font families), I don't see why solutions today 
> > ca
> n't
> be faster and more capable.

That's interesting...

Good for them.
That OS would normally slow to a crawl with even a fraction of that
figure. That's actually the main reason font management tools came to
be, in order to avoid the poor performance and usability caused by
having large amounts of fonts active.

// ...

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