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On Sat, Jun 11, 2016 at 01:52:18AM +0900, Masamichi Hosoda wrote:
> >> In the near future, if the number of available OTC fonts are grown,
> >> this way will become unusable.
> > 
> > Why it is important for you to ignore OTC fonts specifically?
> LilyPond uses fontconfig for finding fonts.
> However, LilyPond could not support OTC fonts.
> If you use LilyPond with an OTC font, it raises an error.
> In order to avoid the error and find other fonts,
> it is necessary that OTC fonts are ignored.
> In addition, ghostscript can not handle OTC fonts.
> Current LilyPond has added limited OTC support.
> Soon, LilyPond will be added more complete OTC support.
> However, it is still limited and ignoring OTC fonts are necessary.

Hmm, I’d think it should be trivial for an application that support
font collections and CFF-based OpenType fonts to support CFF-based
collections, there is nothing fundamentally different here. So it
shouldn’t take long time before the few outliers are fixed.

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