Re: Development snapshot release 2.11.93

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On Tue, Mar 24, 2015 at 10:50 PM, LRN <lrn1986@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 09.03.2015 6:58, Akira TAGOH wrote:
> Since we've made an snapshot about 2 months ago, some changes
> including bug fixes and improvements has been made in git, that would
> be a time to make another snapshot to call for testers to make it stable.
> If no further issues we want to fix during snapshots, I'm planning to
> make a release of 2.12 with it.
> Please let me know if any.

There seems to be a kind of mishap with the ~/.fonts.conf*: fontconfig now
spews messages about "deprecated" attribute in conf files being unknown here on

I've attached two patches, either one will do. One removes "deprecated=yes"
from 50-user.conf, the other adds back the code that handles the "deprecated"
attribute (including the ifdefed-out part of FcParseInclude() - now code just
assumes that rename&symlink dance fails on W32 (not really true on newer W32,
but i'm too lazy to hack in a symlinking function just for this, a warning is

Fixed it in another way. thank you for reporting.

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