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On 15-01-21 10:56 PM, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
>>     Now, the reason this confusion happened, if I was to guess, is
>>     either that FreeType docs are wrong saying that
>>     FT_ENCODING_MS_SYMBOL is the "Microsoft Symbol encoding, used to
>>     encode mathematical symbols":
>>     or maybe it started that way, but turned into also mapping MS
>>     symbol- font cmaps, which is a completely different thing.
> I've updated the documentation in FreeType.  We now have
>         Corresponds to the Microsoft Symbol encoding, used to encode
>         mathematical symbols and wingdings.  For more information, see
>         `' and
>         `'.
>         This encoding uses character codes from the PUA (Private
>         Unicode Area) in the range U+F020-U+F0FF.

Thanks Werner :).  I was hoping that you would read the commit message and do
so.  Here's another link to add there perhaps:

See the section "Non-Standard (Symbol) Fonts".

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