Re: clang warnings when building fontconfig git head

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On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 12:15 AM, Thomas Klausner <wiz@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> And a few warnings because the is* macros on NetBSD only accept EOF or
> unsigned char. These are usually fixed by adding casts, i.e.
> "isspace((unsigned char)foo)".
>   GEN      fc-case
> fc-case.c:217:10: warning: array subscript is of type 'char' [-Wchar-subscripts]
>     if (!isxdigit (line[0]))
>          ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> /usr/include/sys/ctype_inline.h:58:45: note: expanded from macro 'isxdigit'
> #define isxdigit(c)     ((int)((_ctype_tab_ + 1)[(c)] & _CTYPE_X))
>                                                 ^~~~
> 1 warning generated.

shouldn't this issue be rather fixed in macro to deal with the
subscript as integer because of C99 and POSIX spec?

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