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pgajdos@xxxxxxx wrote:

On Fri, Mar 01, 2013 at 01:32:23AM -0800, Akira TAGOH wrote:
+	  <family>Liberation Sans Narrow</family>
+	  <default>
+	    <family>Arial Narrow</family>
+	  </default>


+	  <family>Arial Narrow</family>
+	  <accept>
+	    <family>Liberation Sans Narrow</family>
+	  </accept>

sorry for dumb question, I am just curious: where this
asymetry helps? Little example would be pretty enough.

You mean why <default> is used in one direction and <accept> in the other?

I suppose it means that 'Arial Narrow' is considered a worse fit than anything else the user (or other config rules) might specify in the family property after 'Liberation Sans Narrow', while 'Liberation Sans Narrow' is considered a better fit than anything else the user might specify after 'Arial Narrow'. Meaning 'Arial Narrow' is treated a bit like a generic name here.

I. e.

  fc-match 'Liberation Sans Narrow,Sans'

would, if 'Liberation Sans Narrow' wasn't available, likely fall back to whatever 'Sans' expands to, even if 'Arial Narrow' was available.

  fc-match 'Arial Narrow,Sans'

however would fall back to 'Liberation Sans', if available.

I think the first example is highly unlikely to be encountered in practice, as Liberation is still somewhat of a platform-specific face and any CSS author etc. can be expected to use it only as explicit fallback, in which case it makes sense that fontconfig does little to make it particularly robust.


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