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Akira TAGOH wrote:
+#elif defined (HAVE_GETPROGNAME) && defined (HAVE_REALPATH)
+	const char *p = getprogname ();
+	char resolved_path[PATH_MAX + 1];
+	if (p)
+	{
+	    if (realpath (p, resolved_path) != NULL)
+		prgname = FcStrdup (resolved_path);
+	}

This is the absolute path, isn't it:

bsd1:bin)fc-match -v|grep prgname
prgname: "/export/dist/FreeBSD-x86/stw/fontconfig-20130116/bin/fc-match"(s)

On Linux, there's another problem:

vr2:fontconfig)fc-match -v|grep prgname
        prgname: "fc-match|¦®¿"(s)

(according to readlink(2), "readlink() does not append a null byte to buf")


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