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It's my first and my last post here because I've joined to the
mailing list just to share my opinion about the following.

Today in a ubuntu system I've noticed the ~/.fonts.conf
*deprecated* message.

See, I have a bunch of config files in my home directory that I
save to tar.gz every day.  Some of them are:


and not much more.

I use a window manager.  So, the time it takes to untar that few
txt files in my home dir is the time that takes me to reproduce
my whole environment in *any* Unix system.

I've done that for years, improving and customizing them, and I
hope others exist that, like me, don't find too clever to spend
an hour configuring KDE, Gnome or Xfce just to get things broken
the day after, or learning again and again where the young
pseudo creative developer put the config option/file today.  Of
course there are thousands of linux users out there that will
not care about that file and will be happy anyway even if you
decide to move it to /var/mail or /mnt.  But if most people were
right the world should be a wonderful place :).

I went further in that thinking and wrote a little guide in my web


convinced that teaching to new linux users the KISS way is the
better strategy for all of us, for a lot of reasons.  But I will
not bother you with a whole rationale (my bad English discourage
me), I just hope that some of you understand my aim, my goal and
the context and don't think it's just a complain.

Then, please, that file has been there for years, let it stay
there.  Please.

It's not necessary you answer me.  Take my message just like a



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