Re: Build fontconfig on Windows XP

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On 11/12/12 6:59 AM, Forest wrote:
Hi everyone,
Have you built the fontconfig on windows xp?I do not find cmake or other project files of windows,can anyone tell me how to build fonconfig on windows to get *.lib fie.
Waiting for your answers! Thanks very much!

CMake project patches are in the mailing list archive --

I've also uploaded them here:

fontconfig-2.10.x-archive.tar.bz2 is a 'git archive' export of the tree prior to applying the patches.
fontconfig-2.10.x-patched-archive.tar.bz2 is the same after applying the patches.

is a tarball of my fontconfig git tree, cmake-port branch with all patches applied (and I have no idea whether sharing a git tree this way is a good or bad idea).


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