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Hi Behdad and that for the reply.

On Jan 8, 2009, at 9:59 AM, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:

Jesper L. Nielsen wrote:
On Jan 7, 2009, at 5:16 PM, Robert Kerr wrote:
Anyway, I did my research the hard way: Looking through a lot of
source code :) The conclusion I have now reached is that Fontconfig is
not designed for embedded system (no one claimed it would be though)
because it's way to CPU intensive when searching for fonts to use
(basically, the Font Family to real font-file transition).

Do you have any numbers? If you don't have many fonts, it can't be slow.
And I'm working on making it much faster as we speak.

First, keep in mind that I am using this on an embedded system, so there are limitations.

I do have a various number of fonts for different languages and other things, so the first performance hit is when fontconfig builds it's cache on startup, if there is a way to disable this, I haven't found it.

I have been running sysprof and the majority of time spend while rendering fonts seems to be in fontconfig.

I don't know how to dump Sysprof output to text, so I've attached a screendump.

At the
moment I'm looking at taking out Fontconfig from Pango, but
unfortunately their are tightly bound together in the Pango sourcecode.

That makes little sense.

I've been looking at the Pango 1.22 code, and seperating the *ft2*.c files from the *fc*.c files is difficult becuase the ft2 files contain direct references for structures within FontConfig.

A quick grep:

$ grep Fc pangoft2.c | wc -l

So what I mean is that there a references to FcPattern, PangoFcFont and other things defined in the Fontconfig specific source files. So taking out just the Fontconfig part for the pangoft2.c would require some work.

After reading the replies to your email, I'm wondering if Cairo would
be the right way to go for me to?

Cairo doesn't do any internationalization. It buys you nothing, text-wise.
And it requires fontconfig still.

Ok, that's good to know. I was hoping to get rid of Fontconfig by jumping to Cairo, no use in trying that then :)

 Anyway I don't know much about VTK besides what I could Google.
However I think Fontconfig is best used on Desktop system, where the
user would like to change between a lot of fonts, and deals with many
different resolutions.

I disagree.  Fontconfig is in use on many embedded systems already.

I'm sorry but then I must have misunderstood something or done something wrong. Could you point me towards any embedded systems using Fontconfig?

I'm not trying to pin FontConfig to the wall, I might be using it in a very wrong way :-)

Have a nice day.


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