Re: conf.avail, rpmlint and the FHS

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I'm fine with this change.  Next fontconfig release should happen sometimethis winter I guess.  I'll make this change in my tree that I will then makeavailable to Keith for review and release.
Nicolas Mailhot wrote:> Ping?> > Le dimanche 26 octobre 2008 à 21:30 +0100, Nicolas Mailhot a écrit :>> Hi all,>>>> When conf.avail was introduced in fontconfig we at Fedora mostly ignored>> it and let font packages install their fontconfig rules directly in>> conf.d>>>> (the exception being the fontconfig package itself who perforce followed>> the new conventions).>>>> Recent events made me revisit this point and try to heal the rift>> between fontconfig and font packages by following common conventions.>>>>>> In the course of the examination of this guideline change proposal,>> however, it was identified that conf.avail as currently designed causes>> our rpmlint package sanity check tool to emit errors. Those errors were>> ok for Behdad to ignore, but really not ok for general packaging>> guidelines we want to put into newbie packager hands.>>>> The core reason are that since we deploy policy through those fontconfig>> files, we absolutely do not want users to change them (they're free to>> un-reference the files in conf.d, or write their own fontconfig rules in>> different files, but we instruct rpm to stomp on old versions of our>> files on updates). Since we mark those files as non-modifiable (%config>> and not %config(noreplace) in rpm speak) rpmlint considers them as data,>> not configuration, and complains of their location under /etc.>>>> After thinking a bit about it I feel rpmlint is right — since we don't>> let users modify our fontconfig files they're not dynamic configuration,>> just static data users can choose to activate or not.>>>> We could of course add an exception in rpmlint just for conf.avail, but>> I'd rather have fontconfig be fixed to follow more closely the FHS.>> Exceptions ultimately pile on till you have a lot of cruft to clean up>> which is not my definition of fun.>>>> Can conf.avail and its contents be moved in /usr/share/something in the>> next version of fontconfig?>>>> See also:>>>>>> Regards,>>_______________________________________________Fontconfig mailing listFontconfig@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx://

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