Re: QT4.3 application crash in fontconfig 2.2.3 on Solaris

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2008/8/27 Alan Coopersmith <Alan.Coopersmith@xxxxxxx>:
> Henk Jan Priester wrote:
>> My QT application crashes on Solaris 10 in the fontconfig library:
>> The fontconfig version is 2.2.3 according to /usr/include/fontconfig
> Fontconfig 2.5.0 is available for Solaris 10 as a patch from SunSolve.
> (SPARC: 138352-02, x86: 138353-02).
>> I want to try if Fontconfig 2.4.2 solves the problem.
>> The INSTALL file suggest:
>>       ./configure --sysconfdir=/etc --prefix=/usr --mandir=/usr/share/man
>> Is this correct for Solaris 10 or do I need to use other options as well?
> The options we use to configure 2.5.0 for Solaris 10 include:
>        --enable-shared=yes --enable-static=no \
>        --with-expat-includes=/usr/sfw/include \
>        --with-expat-lib=/usr/sfw/lib --prefix=/usr \
>        --with-confdir=/etc/fonts --with-cache-dir=/var/cache/fontconfig \
>        --with-default-fonts=/usr/openwin/lib/X11/fonts


I compiled the fontconfig 2.5.0 with these option and
used LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to the new library when running my program
and it does not crash anymore.
First time it took a bit longer to start the application and there are a few
console messages about the old config files.
Fontconfig warning: line 660: unknown element "poor"
Fontconfig warning: line 662: unknown element "lang"
Fontconfig warning: no <cachedir> elements found. Check configuration.
Fontconfig warning: adding <cachedir>/var/cache/fontconfig</cachedir>
Fontconfig warning: adding <cachedir>~/.fontconfig</cachedir>

I have seen the official patch include a new config file. I did some testing and
it works fine.
Thanks for your help.

Henk Jan

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