Lots of bugfixes and new additions for 2.7

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I spent this afternoon going over all fontconfig bugs and trying to fix
them all.  Did many of them, mostly those filed by myself over time.  Opened a
few more.  Still got some 8 or 9 to go.

I've pushed all my changes in my tree in the 2.7propsed branch:

Here's the list of all open fontconfig bugs: http://tinyurl.com/6d8s78

These are the ones I've fixed in my tree: http://tinyurl.com/6b89lf
as well as a few other minor things.  Those bugs are all marked ASSIGNED.

Will fix these ones before next week:

Bug 17101 Element for whether FreeType's patented bytecode-interpretter is
Bug 17107 fc-cat, fc-list, fc-match, fc-query output formats
Bug 17105 Document when config can be NULL
Bug 13017 make fc-match accept list of objects, like fc-list does
Bug 7597 add syntax to enter charset on commandline tools (and conf file?)
Bug 16818 fontformat in match pattern is not respected?
Bug 16189 Please Add Canadian Aborignal Syllabics to Fontconfig
Bug 17104 --help exit status

Can use help/review.  Specially with this one:
Bug 17014 Excessive number of allocations during FcSortWalk()


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