Re: Synthetic Emboldening and Blurriness

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On Tue, 2008-08-05 at 21:14 -0500, Erik wrote:

> An issue I have noticed with the synthetic emboldening is that the
> upper 
> parts of glyphs are not hinted properly;  i.e. there is blurriness in 
> the vertical direction.  From testing, it appears that this only
> affects 
> antialiased fonts, which makes sense.  From digging around online, I 
> read that this is possibly because freetype is hinting prior to the 
> emboldening step.  Is there currently a way to get the desired effect 
> (no blurriness) and still have antialiasing enabled?

I suggest you write to the FreeType list.  It's either their bug (that
they will fix) or a bug in some library in how it uses FreeType (in
which case they will help you identify it).

(Re your other question, that is, disabling certain glyphs in certain
fonts, there's been patches proposed for it to this list before, but
it's not in fontconfig yet.)


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