Re: Forcing Artificial Italics on Fonts That *DO* Have One Available?

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If it makes you guys feel any better, I didn't actually want this for 
every italic font, just those that I am doing BCI full hinting on 
(mainly MS ones).  Otherwise the stems on letters look like a field of 
grass waving in the wind.  So, I'm simply doing glyph abuse to fix glyph 

After posting, I played around a bit more and got the below code to 
work, but I wasn't able to figure out how to insert multiple fonts 
within this code; it had to be duplicated for every font.  Keith's 
solution is more elegant and lets me put multiple fonts in the code.  
Thanks for the help!

                <patelt name="family" >
                    <string>Courier New</string>
                <patelt name="slant" >
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