how to configure a default font?

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I've got a couple of questions, firstly: I couldn't see a good way to
configure a default font.  What I've ended up doing is the following in
~/.fonts.conf :

 <match target="pattern">
   <test qual="all" name="family" compare="not_contains">
   <test qual="all" name="family" compare="not_contains">
     <string>Times New Roman</string>
   <test qual="all" name="family" compare="not_contains">
     <string>Trebuchet MS</string>

   [ Ad nauseum for every single other font on the system ]

   <edit mode="assign_replace" name="family" binding="strong">
     <string>Helvetica Neue</string>

Is there a sensible way of doing this?

Secondly, I want to force Opera to not use Arial.  It's propriatary
software that doesn't respect its own configuration. I did this using:


 <match target="pattern">
   <test qual="all" name="family" compare="not_contains">
  etc as above.

which results in 

 $ fc-match Arial
hlr_____.pfb: "Helvetica Neue" "Regular"
 $ fc-match real_Ar14L 
arial.ttf: "Arial" "Normal"

That fixes Opera.  But is there a way to get the name real_Ar14L into
the list output by fc-list, or better, just rename Arial so "Arial"
isn't in the list?  That would probably also fix Acrobat too...

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