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I have a fontconfig cache issue. On my embedded device i have linux & i do a nfs-mount of a file system which has valid generated fontconfig cache in
by compiling fontconfig . And then when i try to run any gtk app like gtk-demo it eventually  get  stuck in  doing font matching  stuff.
If stuck then i had to run fc-cache  again & then the apps run ok then.

From some mailing lists i came to know that  this is a nfs-mount issue because the time stamp of directory in which previously generated cache files are is modified but the cache files have old time stamp so those cache files gets invalidated.

I want to reduce this wait time (which sometimes is of 5-7 mins) . So i want fontconfig to use the same cache files which gets imported when i originally do nfs-mount. Is there any way by which i can make font config to stop invalidating those cache files & keep on using them.


Atul Mehrotra

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