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Hello list!

I'm trying to use fontconfig in a 3D robotics visualization tool where I 
recently added support for text rendering. Fontconfig seems like a really 
nice library/utility to help me out in finding the right fonts -- but 
unfortunately reading the fontconfig developer manual is like banging your 
head against a brick wall :(

The documentation is skimpy at best ("FcConfigSubstitute -- Execute 
substitutions", um, ok...) or wrong/outdated (e.g., which I believe describes 
a set of parameters different from the parameters the function accepts).

Is there a tutorial of some kind available anywhere? Gooling only came up with 
some slides by Keith P. 
which helped a little but still left me very confused.

What would be really helpful is if there were step-by-step instructions 
available for accomplishing common tasks, or similar examples (and maybe 
there are?).
For example, how to query fontconfig for a Times font and extract the path to 
it -- I have come to the conclusion that this somehow involves creating a 
FcPattern (seems pretty clear) and calling FcFontMatch, but alas I cannot 
figure out how to actually get the path to the font...

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Staffan Gimåker
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