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I am trying to compile fontconfig-2.5.92 on AIX 52 system. However after running "configure" while trying to tun gmake I am getting these errors:

"../src/fcint.h", line 395.5: 1506-009 (S) Bit-field method must be of type signed int, unsigned int or int.
"../src/fcint.h", line 396.5: 1506-009 (S) Bit-field count must be of type signed int, unsigned int or int.

This error coming in structure:

typedef struct _FcCaseFold {
    FcChar32    upper;
    FcChar16    method : 2;
    FcChar16    count : 14;
    short       offset;     /* lower - upper for RANGE, table id for FULL */
} FcCaseFold;

However replacing both FcChar16 declaration with FcChar32 solves the problem.

Does this problem occurs onto other platforms as well?

Also will it be OK to replace FcChar16 with FcChar32? I guess the bit fields will still be of specified width so it shouldn't.


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