Re: Compiling fontconfig 2.5.92 on tru64 5.1b

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On Mon, 2008-05-05 at 22:43 +0200, Didier Godefroy wrote:
> >> Ok, after commenting out the DOLT and running autoreconf, the build goes
> >> further but still ends up on more errors:
> > 
> > Looks like you've fixed the fontconfig general errors; these compile
> > errors are all platform-specific issues with header files.
> These errors don't seem to be from system header files, except the time.h
> one:

Yes, these are all caused by system header issues. va_list should be
declared in stdarg.h, time_t should be declared in time.h , struct stat
should be in sys/stat.h, malloc should be in stdlib.h. If these aren't
working on your system, you need to figure out why; they're all part of
various standards from POSIX.1-2001 to C89/C99.

Waiting for another release won't help; I can assure you that none of
these will be fixed by me as I do not have access to a tru64 system.


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