Re: Compiling fontconfig 2.5.92 on tru64 5.1b

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>>  Having trouble compiling fontconfig 2.5.92 on tru64 5.1b
>>  Making all in fc-arch
>>  touch fcalias.h fcaliastail.h
>>  source='fc-arch.c' object='fc-arch.o' libtool=no  DEPDIR=.deps depmode=tru64
>>  /bin/bash ../depcomp  cc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I.. -I../src -I..      -O4
>>  -g3 -pthread -c fc-arch.c
>>  cc  -O4 -g3 -pthread   -o fc-arch  fc-arch.o
>>  rm -f fcarch.h
>>  ./fc-arch auto < ../fc-arch/fcarch.tmpl.h > fcarch.h
>>  make  all-am
>>  Making all in src
>>  sh ../src/makealias "../src" fcalias.h fcaliastail.h
>>  ../fontconfig/fontconfig.h  ../src/fcdeprecate.h  ../fontconfig/fcprivate.h
>>  sh ../src/makealias "../src" fcftalias.h fcftaliastail.h
>>  ../fontconfig/fcfreetype.h
>>  make  all-am
>>  source='fcatomic.c' object='fcatomic.lo' libtool=yes  DEPDIR=.deps
>>  depmode=tru64 /bin/bash ../depcomp   -c -o fcatomic.lo fcatomic.c
>>  ../depcomp: -c: command not found
>>  *** Exit 127
>>  Stop.
>>  *** Exit 1
>>  Stop.
>>  This was not happening with 2.5.91, so something got broken since.
>>  Seems there is something missing between ../depcomp and -c in the makefile.
>>  There were many errors I couldn't fix in 2.5.91 so I was hoping those would
>>  be corrected in 2.5.92
> I think DOLT is messing with the setting of LTCOMPILE, which is the
> part that's not getting used. Oh, it looks like dolt does an

I did notice that LTCOMPILE wasn't getting set, and I saw the LTCOMPILE= in
the Makefile which was empty, so I knew that was the missing part of that
command, but I couldn't figure out what was causing this.

> AC_SUBST(LTCOMPILE), however, libtool normally puts the LTCOMPILE
> setting in make through automake. When you run configure, LTCOMPILE
> never gets set, and configure substitutes an empty LTCOMPILE setting
> in the Makefile. The AC_SUBST overrides the default setting from
> libtool, which was not the intended effect.
> That's bad of dolt and breaks the build for any platform where it's
> not supported. What's the output of `grep LTCOMPILE fc-arch/Makefile'?

#    if $(LTCOMPILE) -MT $@ -MD -MP -MF "$(DEPDIR)/$*.Tpo" -c -o $@ $<; \
    $(LTCOMPILE) -c -o $@ $<

And I also noticed this during configure:

checking if libtool sucks... yup, it does
checking if dolt supports this host... no, falling back to libtool

> If you want to "fix" this, you'll need the autotools. Comment out the
> DOLT line in and then run autoreconf.

Ok, will try that now...

Didier Godefroy

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