Fontconfig 2.5.92 (2.6 RC2)

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I've incorporated all of the patches I could find in bugzilla, and fixed
a few other bugs while I was at it. There are still a few blocker bugs
for 2.6, but they're mostly Behdad's enhancement requests, which I don't
feel particularly compelled to implement myself.

10d10288f65363d053280d4827826f85890aa767  fontconfig-2.5.92.tar.gz
30190a3b3c1fb77c9e60affad62d58bd54c7cb6c  ChangeLog-2.5.92

2.5.92 (2.6 RC2)

Carlo Bramini (1):
      Add FreeType-dependent functions to fontconfig.def file. (bug 15415)

Changwoo Ryu (1):
      Korean font in the default config - replacing baekmuk with un (bug 13569)

Dennis Schridde (1):
      Proper config path for static libraries in win32

Eric Anholt (1):
      Fix build with !ENABLE_DOCS and no built manpages.

Frederic Crozat (1):
      Merge some of Mandriva configuration into upstream configuration. Bug 13247

Keith Packard (11):
      Use DOLT if available
      Work around for bitmap-only TrueType fonts that are missing the glyf table.
      Remove size and dpi values from bitmap fonts. Bug 8765.
      Add some sample cursive and fantasy families.
      Add --all flag to fc-match to show the untrimmed list. Bug 13018.
      Remove doltcompile in distclean
      Use of ":=" in src/ is unportable (bug 14420)
      Make fc-match behave better when style is unknown (bug 15332)
      Deal with libtool 2.2 which doesn't let us use LT_ variables. (bug 15692)
      Allow for RC versions in README update
      git ignore doltcompile

Ryan Schmidt (1):
      fontconfig build fails if "head" is missing or unusable (bug 14304)

Sylvain Pasche (1):
      Fontconfig options for freetype sub-pixel filter configuration


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