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Le jeudi 06 mars 2008 à 19:45 -0500, Bob Tennent a écrit :> >| Create a fontconfig alias that would create a virtual>  >| font-family "Nimbus Sans L Condensed".> > The following works for me:
It works for you, when "working" is defined as making a specific fontface available to web designers today ignoring all other considerations.
It does not "work" for me where working is defined as a solution :– which is not tied to a particular font  (esp. one which is not actively maintained anymore, and pre-datesadvances in screen legibility)— which is not tied to a particular encoding set  (direct result of tying to a semi-maintained font with limitedcoverage)— which is not a fugly workaround we'll have to keep ad vitam eternam  (ie what is the migration plan mid-term when all the short-termistswill have hardcoded the name of this font face everywhere)— which is not a fugly workaround others are now going to ask for otherfonts  (because if we say yes there where will we stop?)– which will not actively obstruct the resolution of the root bug  (and we've seen how quick the mozilla developpers are to dismiss anyneed to work on it as long as there is a single condensed face availablethrough family name hacks)
In other words this snippet will offload problems from mozilla and youto the distributions foolish enough to accept it. And since Fedora wantsproblems fixed upstream instead of accepting the burden of piles ofshort-term workarounds that make their authors think the problems aresolved and they can let the distro deal with straightening things out, Idon't think we want to accept it.
-- Nicolas Mailhot
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