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On 2008/03/03 22:50 (GMT-0500) Bob Tennent apparently typed:

> This seems to be the only condensed sans font that one can expect
> to find on every Linux system. Can one specify it in a web page css
> font-family, ideally without requiring any changes to the default
> configuration for fontconfig?

I just tried fc-match 'nimbus sans l condensed' in Hardy, Etch, SUSE 10.2,
FC8, SUSE 10.3, Knoppix 4.0.2, and Mandriva 2008.0. The only match I got was
on Mandriva. Similar results on .OTOH, I got multiple
hits on DejaVu Sans Condensed . What systems did you
test on that makes you think this font is installed "on every Linux system"?
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