Re: code coverage problem when using fontconfig/freetype

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Bin Chen wrote:
>  It seems that program(not sure the fontconfig or the user application)
>  can use the English font first if it only display English, but will
>  change to Chinese font once the English font can't have enough
>  coverage...

Typically, the font doesn't "change" over, but uses the characters out 
of a different font. For example, if a Chinese font is added to the 
"Sans" match, then a Chinese web page will latin characters from DejaVu, 
and Chinese characters from whatever font was added.

For programs that don't use the functionality properly (like IceWM), you 
have to specify the entire list of fonts that it should try.

If you're writing the program, I believe it's up to your program to keep 
trying to match fonts until a character is found.

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