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Writing an utility application to help in managing user fonts, I had some difficulties when trying to use some of fontconfig features.It’s about the version 2.4.2 that comes with OpenSuse 10.3.
Here is an excerpt of my ~/.fonts.conf============================================<dir>/home/pierre/fontes/DONTUSE_/emigre</dir><selectfont>    <rejectfont>        <glob>/home/pierre/fontes/DONTUSE_/emigre/*</glob>    </rejectfont>    <acceptfont>        <pattern>            <patelt name="file" >                  <string>/home/pierre/fontes/DONTUSE_/emigre/ARBITRAB.PFB</string>            </patelt>        </pattern>    </acceptfont></selectfont>=============================================
What I expected from this was to "activate" only ARBITRAB.PFB among all what’s contained in /home/pierre/fontes/DONTUSE_/emigre/ directory."dir" directive works."rejectfont" works."acceptfont" does not, and after trying & trying, I come to you asking for the correct way to achieve this. When I say "it doesn’t work", I mean the font is not listed in fc-list output after an fc-cache invocation.
Thanks in advance
-- Pierre Marchand
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