Weird font size issue with ü

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I do not know if this is a fontconfig issue or not.


installed in CentOS 5.1

Browser where issue occurs is FireFox 2 (rebuild of Fedora 8 src.rpm)

This only seems to happen with the "Helvetica LT" font - and then, only 
the normal face of the font (bold, italic, bold-italic styles work fine) 
and it only happens with a small font size.

The ü character in FireFox gets displayed as an upper case Y with two 
dots over it.

The html that demonstrates the problem and a png image snapshot are here:

It does not happen in AbiWord with the same font regardless of font 
size, so I think it might be a FireFox bug, but whatever it is, it's weird.

Any thoughts?

The Helvetica LT fonts were purchased from and are TrueType 
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