Re: Interrogating arbitrary font files

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> Executing "ftinfo -a" on a file will give you that information, 
Isn't ftinfo pretty heavy on the Perl? It also only covers TTF files (I 
tested) and I'm trying to support Type1 too.

> I'm not sure it's what you're looking for, unless you use fontconfig to
> determine what the file is first.
Well, my app Fonty Python, is all about herding arbitrary font files and 
then "installing" them by making links in ~/.fonts (and removing them by 
removing the links.)

 The idea has always been to introduce some element of font management to the 
scene - as well as the ability to view fonts that are not installed (i.e. 
under the control of fontconfig), just laying about in folders. So, I have 
the paths as part of the whole herding thing ;)

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