Libre Graphics Meeting 2008 Invitation

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My name is Milosz Staszewski and I am an organizer of Libre Graphics  
2008 (Check for more information,  

Libre Graphics Meeting is all about participation. Artists and  
developers, feel free to
bring your laptops and show us what you can (and can't yet) do. The  
event is free to attend, and open to all.

This upcoming edition will take place from 8-11th of May 2008 in  
Wroclaw, a
great city with over 600 thousand population, located in southwestern
Poland, 160 km from Germany and 120 km from the Czech Republic.

As an official organizer I have the pleasure to invite fontconfig  
project team to
participate. Please let us know if we can expect you joining us.

If you would like to learn more or ask about something do not hesitate  
to reply to this mail or visit #lgm IRC channel at freenode.

Best regards,

Milosz Staszewski
Libre Graphics Meeting 2008 Team
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