Re: ISO 15924 font selection

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Le Mar 4 décembre 2007 08:54, Behdad Esfahbod a écrit :> I really don't understand why Fraktur is a> different script than Latin in there.
For me Fraktur is a style and it would be really nice is someone @isoproduced an official style list, so we can generalisesans/sans-serif/etc without having to create our ownfontconfig-specific classification.
Of course that would probably require support in fontconfig fortagging glyph ranges within a font with a local style, as I imagineany common font spanning several unicode blocks may have differentlocal styles associated with each block.
I know this is anathema for the single-script font proponents, butwhen packaging Greek Society fonts last week I've seen composing afont from differently styled blocks is as old as typography( and ifpeople were doing it in the 16th century they're unlikely to stop now.And it would be nice if those kind of fonts could be supported withoutfighting fontconfig all the time.
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