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Sorry if this was asked before, but I could not find anything in the archive.
Has fontconfig the option to define fonts according to ISO 15924 (and not only according to ISO 639)?
If not, I would propose this option:
In my opinion, it is much more flexible than defining fonts according to a specific region (e.g. TW or CN). In some cases, it is even necessary, because the region does not differ.
Do I understand this correctly, that the user can specify a font in the config file according to a specific language?I see this in Firefox (even though it does not seem to use fontconfig, but I guess an addon could be written to solve it), that I can specify fonts according to language (e.g. Chinese Traditional (Hongkong)) and the Browser selects the font if the html file includes the xml:lang attribute. But this is a bit inconvenient to do this in every application, so I guess fontconfig changes this globally?
But I only saw in my config files options to generally define an order of font substition, but not according to language and script tags?
Returning to my question:
German Fraktur has the ISO 15924 tag “Latf”, which is necessary to define that a paragraph should be displayed in a Fraktur style (because it uses the same code points as normal Latin characters). But there is no region to define, so I guess the correct tag would be “de-Latf”. But there are no options anywhere to specify a font for this case.Another possibilities would be e.g. “ja-Latn” for Japanese in Latin transcription.
Is it maybe possible to implement this?I guess, a flexible way for this would be:
Latn (generally): DejaVu SansLatf (generally): Breitkopf Frakturja (generally): Kochi Gothicja-Latn: DejaVu Sansja-Hant: some font with old glyphs
and so on.So I think a possible way would be to define a general rule for a language (according to ISO-639) or a script (ISO 15924) at first and then a specific rule for a language or script which would override the general rule.
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