Re: Announcing Fontconfig 2.4.92 (2.5 RC2)

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Le Mer 7 novembre 2007 11:46, Frederic Crozat a écrit :
> for serif and sans-serif, we are favoring DejaVu over Bitstream Vera> (since Vera is not changing anymore, unlike DejaVu which is also> changing for latin glyphs). Should we do the same upstream ?
I've pushed upstream (@dejavu) the fontconfig files we use to achievethis effect @fedora. If the fonconfig maintainers stance on Dejavuchanged they could be moved to fontconfig. Last time the issue vasdiscussed there was some opposition to preferring dejavu at thefontconfig level.
Also I rather prefer distributed policy in separate files, since thatmeans they're only deployed if the font packages themselves areinstalled on the system (instead of mucking with .avail symlinks, andtrying to manage a centralised policy everyone patches anyway).
> Related question : we are favoring free fonts (also because we aren't> enabling patented bytecode interpreter) over MS fonts, by pushing Luxi> and Nimbus over Verdana and Arial (or Andale Mono, Courier New).
We're dropping Luxi @fedora since the license forbids modification andyou have alternatives with more liberal licenses available nowadays.
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