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On Sun, 2007-11-04 at 02:32 +0300, Alexey Khoroshilov wrote:

> There is a small misprint:
> s/poliy/policy


> Is anywhere a description what "depends on fontconfig policy as well as 
> the current configuration" means?

No, there wasn't. I've edited the FcFileScan description to include:

Whether fonts are found depends on fontconfig
policy as well as the current configuration. Internally, fontconfig will
ignore BDF and PCF fonts which are not in Unicode (or the effectively
equivalent ISO Latin-1) encoding as those are not usable by Unicode-based
applications. The configuration can ignore fonts based on filename or
contents of the font file itself.

So, your ISO 8859-10 pcf.gz font is not included in the fontconfig
database as it is not Unicode encoded.


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