Re: fc-cache is not always caching newly installed fonts.

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On Wed, 2007-10-24 at 15:49 +0800, Huang Peng wrote:
> Dears fontconfig developers,
> I found  a problem in fontconfig.
> When system have been installed, and we adjust the system time to past,
> and then install some new fonts in system fonts dir (/usr/share/fonts).
> Applications can not find new installed fonts. So what can we do to fix
> this problem?

I've got some changes pending for fontconfig which place the directory
timestamp right in the cache file; when that timestamp changes, the
cache is invalidated. As it no longer cares what timestamp the cache
file has, and uses simple equality (instead of 'earlier'), it should be
much more resistent to system time changes (and other sources of clock

You might try the current 'master' version of fontconfig and see if that
works for you.


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