Re: fc-cache is not always caching newly installed fonts.

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> For a). In many Linux distributions, users can not adjust the system
> time before installing system (Except the BIOS). They  have to adjust
> system time in firstboot.
I don't understand properly. It seems to me that if time must be set on every 
single boot, something's wrong (battery). 
  If time has to be set only once on first install, then that's okay--it's 
before any fonts get installed anyway (I think). 
  Either way, setting the time into the past is going to mess-up all kinds of 
things. Why do it?

> For b). fc-cache can not find new installed fonts too. :(
I guess it's the time-stamp on the files, although this seems odd. Is there no 
way to locate/grep/touch through all fonts and update their timestamps? or 
just set the time correctly and re-install the fonts.

Just wondering aloud. I didn't mean to down-play your problem :)
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