how to correctly set fontconfig on Windows

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I would like to install a library that uses fontconfig on Windows.

I have installed the true type fonts in:

c:\Program Files\CommonFiles\Efl\share\fonts

(Efl is the name of the package).

Of course, if I just do that, fontconfig can not find the fonts and I get 
the error:

Fontconfig error: Cannot load default config file

What I would like to know is how I can correctly set fontconfig on 
Windows. I know that if I install gtk runtime (for gimp) or Xchat2 on 
Windows (well, xchat uses gtk but install fontconfig in its own 
directory), fontconfig can detect the font files.

I know that I can use the environment variables

FONTCONFIG_FILE = fonts.conf
FC_CACHEDIR = $MY_PATH/fonts/cache

where MY_PATH is some dir. But I fear that it can create a conflict with 
the current fontconfig setup that gimp and/or xchat uses.

Can someone tell what I have to do during the installation of that library 
to set up correctly fontconfig ?

thank you

Vincent Torri
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