Re: fc-list output changes from 2.2.3 to 2.4.2

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Yet I've not tried to reproduce the problem, but the problemlooks interesting.
Nguyen Vu Hung wrote (2007/10/14 21:52):> Hello all,> > On the default installation of Redhat ES 4 ( fontconfig version 2.2.3,> rpm version 2.2.3-7 ), the output of fc-list is as follows> > fc-list | grep Motoya> MotoyaExMaru:style=W3 KP> MotoyaExCedar:style=W3 mono> MotoyaExCedar:style=W3> > But after manually upgrading ( with ./configure --prefix=/usr; make;> sudo make install ) to fontconfig 2.4.2, the output of fc-list became:> > $fc-list  | grep W3 | grep Maru> モトヤEXマルベリ3KP,MotoyaExMaru,ÉÇÉgÉÑEXÉ}ÉãÉxÉä3KP:style=Regular,W3 KP> モトヤEXマルベリ3等幅,MotoyaExMaru,ÉÇÉgÉÑEXÉ}ÉãÉxÉä3ìôïù:style=Regular,W3 mono> モトヤEXマルベリ3,MotoyaExMaru,ÉÇÉgÉÑEXÉ}ÉãÉxÉä3:style=Regular,W3> > You can notice the changes:> > 1. The first token added: "モトヤEXマルベリ3KP"> 2. The 3rd token added: "ÉÇÉgÉÑEXÉ}ÉãÉxÉä3KP" ( FYI, seems like a> corrupted Japanese text ).
I guess, your Motoya font provides 3 string data foreach name properties: one is Unicode, one is ASCII,and one may be Shift-JIS. Old fontconfig may findASCII one and discard others, but new fontconfigmay store all of them. Possibly the difference from"W3" (older) to "Regular,W3" (newer) may be similar.
> And FYI, fc-match seems to give the wrong font match:> > $fc-match MotoyaExMaru:W5> MTXmr3kp.ttc: "MotoyaExMaru" "W3"> > #W5 vs W3.> > Does anyone know why?
Excuse me, your problem is: "both of MotoyaExMaru W3and W5 are available, but fc-match returns W3 againstthe request for W5"?Or, "MotoyaExMaru W5 is not installed and fc-match isexpected to return nothing, but returns MotoyaExMaru W3"?Yet I've not investigated the typeface matchingalgorithm, I want to know what's your problem.
> And because the format of fc-list is changed, some of our cairo code> that is depend of fontType ( MotoyaExCedar:style=W3 ) has stopped> functioning and they felt back to system "default" font.
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