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Hi all,

    I am using Abiword(word processing software) on my PXA255-arm based
platform..I am using linux 2.4 kernel on my target...
    What ever i type on my word document...The document takes the input
from the keyboard...But it was not visible on my document...And when i
try to access the font dialog box it is giving an unhandled page
exception...I tried with the abiword forums...No solutions...I have a
doubt on my fonts...

    Since i am new to fonts..Could anyone please tell me how to install
new fonts on linux...Do you think that the problem i am facing on my
Abiword is due to font problem??

     All suggestions and tips are welcome...

     Please help me in solving this issue...
With Regards,
Embedded Software Engineer,
Innovate Software Solutions,
Ph: +919986300050.

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