Re: fontconfig-2.2.3 cross compilation error

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On 4/15/07, Sina Mallick <> wrote:
I am trying to cross compile fontconfig-2.2.3 for making xserver from
In file included from ../fontconfig/fcfreetype.h:27,
                 from ../src/fcint.h:39,
                 from fc-lang.c:25:

This is a problem with older fontconfig using freetype internals. I'd
suggest you try using a newer version of fontconfig where this issue
is fixed, version 2.3.2 at least. What version of freetype do you

Before make command i  had been export two enviroment verriable CPFLAGS and
LDFLAGS..I could not under stand why ftheader.h do not found....
Please advice me so i will able to install fontconfig-2.2.3..should ii
supply some other enviroment  verriable?....If so then what is that one...?

No environment variable is going to fix this issue, unfortunately.

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