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On Wed, 2007-03-07 at 13:13 -0500, James Cloos wrote:
> Here is my propsed patch to fix the infinite loop and then to add
> glyphlist.txt back into the generated fcglyphname.h.

I'd rather not include all of glyphlist.txt in the fontconfig library,
especially as each glyph adds a relocation to the library. Restructuring
that data to avoid relocations would help, but I'm not sure I can see
the need for all of those glyph names to be provided by the library.

> Together these get around the bug I was seeing with caching the urw
> Symbol clone, by ensuring that FC_GLYPHNAME_MAXLEN is larger than
> the length of the glyphnames in Standard Symbols L.

Is the urw symbol clone including a character which is not in the zapf
character map and is in the larger map? Does Adobe publish a smaller map
that includes all of the needed symbol glyphs and yet avoids the plain
characters? Does the urw clone offer a Unicode map that can be used to
look up the needed glyphs?

> That said, should FC_GLYPHNAME_MAXLEN be only as long as the longest
> name processed by fc-glyphname when fc is built?  Or should it be long
> enough to handle any valid PostScript glyph name?  (Which is 127
> according to the PLRM.)

It doesn't need to be any longer -- the only use of this constant is in
relation to the built-in list of glyph names, so names longer than this
will never be useful.


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