Re: Can we get fonts as sharp as Windows?

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"Charles A. Landemaine" <landemaine@xxxxxxxxx> さんは書きました:

> I was comparing my fonts in Unix with those of Windows. I can't have
> fonts as sharp as Windows. Here's the difference:
> The one on top is Trebuchet MS in Windows and the one at the bottom is
> the same font in Unix. Is it a fontconfig problem of a freetype
> problem?  I'm using antialiasing, obviously.
> It seems that pixels that generate the round effects are grey (for
> Unix), while they are colorful (for Windows).

You may need to recompile your freetype2 and enable subpixel hinting.

Subpixel hinting is what makes the colours you see in your
screen shot.

It not compiled in by default because there may be patent problems.

Mike FABIAN   <mfabian@xxxxxxx>
I � Unicode
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