blacklist/whitelist grammar and pseudo-bolding

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I am preparing a font installation script for our bitmap CJK fonts. A fontconfig file was included in the package to allow the use of vector CJK fonts and bitmap fonts
simultaneously. This file can be found at

Some friends told me that their fontconfig complained "unknown element: selectfont/acceptfont/pattern/patelt" I guess this selectfont syntax was only supported in recent versions, can anyone tell me which version number is the first one supporting this? is there a better way to bypass this block other than by examining the out put from "fc-list --version" and remove the
block from the file in the installation script?

my second question, I am not sure if proper for this list, is how to tell if the rendering engine (freetype2) on a system can generate pseudo-bolding face for a bitmap font? (in that case, I can get rid of the bold face files to save half of the space).


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