Fontconfig 2.4.2 released

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I've released fontconfig 2.4.2 that fixes a host of minor issues in the
library. One new function has been exported, no other ABI changes are
present. On Linux, the .so version is now 1.2.0.


380f62df280b3e5d9f92dfe189748f0776dd66f4  ChangeLog-2.4.2
cd5e30625680a0435563b586275156eaf8d0d34a  fontconfig-2.4.2.tar.gz

As usual, tar files are available at

Here's the short-format change log:


Han-Wen Nienhuys:
      FcStrCanonFileName buggy for mingw. (bug 8311)
      More fixes for Win32 building (bug 8311)

Kean Johnston:
      Don't use varargs CPP macros in fccache.c. (bug 8733)

Keith Packard:
      Remove documentation for non-existant FcConfigNormalizeFontDir.
      Build fontconfig.def from header files when needed.
      Detect and use available random number generator (bug 8308)
      Add sparc64 architecture string.
      FcStrCanonAbsoluteFilename should be static.
      Use explicit platform/nameid order when scanning ttf files.
      Warn (and recover) from config file without <cachedir> elements.
      Avoid writing uninitialized structure pad bytes to cache files.
      Fix grep pattern in makealias to work on non-Gnu grep (bug 8368).
      Add FcFreeTypeQueryFace external API. Bug #7311.
      Segfault scanning non-font files. Disallow scan edit of user vars. (#8767)
      Add space between type and formal in devel man pages (bug 8935)

      Do not clean cache files for different architectures

Peter Breitenlohner:
      A VPATH build of fontconfig-2.4.1 fails for various reasons. Bug 8933.
      Use <literal> instead of <sgmltag> when documenting fonts.conf. Bug 8935.
      Fix fc-cat documentation (bug 8935).


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