Fontconfig 2.4.1 released

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This fixes the build on a couple of systems (m68k and mipsel), and
re-implements a function that was broken by the cache file rework that
is needed for lilypond.


4e7d0f86bb4b637b7e66700068c50e044d3cc2e0  fontconfig-2.4.1.tar.gz
343b5198bc29f3eb831155b7d7e6b54311375009  ChangeLog-2.4.1


Keith Packard:
      Update installation notes for 2.4 base.
      Add ppc64 signature. Bug 8227
      Add signatures for m68k and mipsel (thanks debian buildd)
      Add warning flags to fc-cache build. Clean up warnings in fc-cache.
      Reimplement FcConfigAppFontAddDir; function was lost in 2.4.0.


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